Fire Alarm Installation

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Fire Alarm Installations

Hands-On Installation Services based on true NFPA Standards.

Fire Alarm Installations can only be started after there is a Permit issued by the city authorities. The Installation process is the 2nd Milestone of any Fire Alarm Project. At Linkage Fire and Security, We work strategically with our Licensed Master Electrician Partner Company to perform Fire Alarm Installations while at the same time, we have multiple Crews performing technical device wiring terminations at all Fire Alarm Control Panels.

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As Kidde Commercial Certified Dealer Linkage Fire and Security offers the best price on Fire Alarm Equipment and Assist many Electrical Contractors to achieve their own Fire Alarm Installation jobs. Linkage Fire Supports Electricians during the entire installation Journey by proving unlimited project management, Engineered shop drawings, programming, troubleshooting, testing, and passing Final Inspections. We will be there the entire way until the job is Sign-Off.

Fire Alarm Installations

Linkage Fire Alarm Installations are strictly managed by Nicet Certified Project Managers. We know how to apply the NFPA 70 Electrical NEC Code standard and the NFPA 72 Standard for Fire Alarm Installations. Overall matters Linkage Fire takes care of the personnel security by constantly training the crew to follow OSHA Standards and NYC Safe Safety Training. This means our job sites are secure, and alcohol/drug-free at all times.

At Inspection times Authority Having Jurisdiction acknowledge the aesthetic electrical installation methods we perform.

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Your safety is our priority. Whether you own a commercial building or manage a large residential complex in New York, you can trust Linkage Fire and Security for all your Central Station fire alarm needs.

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